The Phoenix's Burden

Quest Synopsis: Transport the Pheonix’s Cache to whomever is the senior most conjurer in the Tower of Fire.

Quest Progress:

  • Cache Acquired: 1/1
  • Cache Delivered 1/1

Quest Initiator:
Imolkhet the Ancient Phoenix in the Great Scar

Quest Timeline:
none (presumably)

Quest Lore:
The party agreed to transport a magically sealed metal chest to whomever is the senior most conjurer in the Tower of Fire for a Phoenix in exchange for some of its ashes. Because the Phoenix self-immolated early it’s resurrection was not guaranteed, and it required the word of Fenwick that the party would get it’s “treasure” to its destination. After the immolation was complete, the Phoneix did not resurrect, and thus the obligation to deliver the Phoenix’s Cache was enacted.

The cache was delivered to the tower and was discovered to contain a “Prismonix”, a very rare type of elemental creature that can shift between all known elemental types. Apparently the child of Imolkhet and another unknown creature, the hatchling took to the tower easily and has been left in the capable hands of the tower’s magi.

The Phoenix's Burden

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