The Ecclesiarchy of Oa

Nickname: Preachers, Believers, Oanites

Philosophy: Oa is the one true god whom sits above all others. Follow and worship him, and you can achieve salvation and eternal life.

Goal(s): Propagate the worship of Oa until the Beacon’s light can be seen by the entire world. According to prophecy, once this happens Aua will return and cast down all false gods and take the faithful with him to paradise for eternity.

Alignment: Any non-evil, or repentant non chaotic evil.

Leader: Significar, College of Bishops

Headquarters: Beacon, Harantium.

Main Region(s) of Influence: Harantium

Major Members: The entire population of Harantium.

Attitude Towards Party: Neutral

The Ecclesiarchy of Oa

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