Serpentesh (occasionally known as “snakemen”) are a race of antichthonian magical reptilian creatures. The surviving Serpentesh of the modern age are the only remaining descendants of the first empire “Ssharth”, which existed prior to the arrival of the Elves and other Fey from the first and second worlds.

Physical Description: Serpentesh are 11-12 foot tall serpents with a large head with powerful crushing jaws and four arms of immense strength. Large bony spikes protrude from their backsides and males typically have bony ridges protruding from their skulls. Their bodies are covered in fine green or black scales.

Society: Serpentesh have no true society of their own anymore. The few who still live almost exclusively serve the chromatic dragon flights as powerful sorcerer-generals in their armies and retinues.

Relations: Serpentesh serve the chromatic dragon flights, and thus typically do not get on well with good aligned races or individuals. Additionally, humans and lemeru especially find Serpentesh disquieting, as both races were once slaves for countless generations and their treatment was so brutal that an instinctive fear of the serpent races has survived to this day.

Alignment and Religion: Serpentesh tend to be extremely pragmatic, favoring the neutral evil or lawful evil alignment.

Racial Traits:
Serpentesh characters possess the following racial traits.

  • +4 Strength +2 Constitution, +2 Charisma.
  • Large size. Serpentesh can choose to occupy a single 5ft square if desired, but in so doing typically need a 14ft clearance to the ceiling. Otherwise they are considered large (long) and take up 2 5ft squares. Unless wielding a weapon, Serpentesh do not have reach as their arms are short relative to their size.
  • Base land speed is 50 feet. Base Swim speed of 60 ft.
  • +4 natural armor bonus.
  • Natural Weapons: 4 claws (1d8)& bite (1d8)
  • Serpentesh have a +10 racial bonus to grab a foe, or resist being tripped.
  • Constrict: If a Serpentesh successfully grabs a foe they may choose to constrict that person so long as they are large size or smaller. A constricted foe takes d10 crushing damage per turn, and the Serpentesh may opt to still use 2 of its arms for something else.
  • Multi-action: A Serpentesh requires only three arms to perform most actions, and can therefore perform an additional standard action in a round so long as that action is one that would be undertaken using the character’s arms or hands. This can, for example, allow a Serpentesh to attack with a weapon and also cast a spell, or cast two spells (so long as each spell requires a standard action).
  • Sorcerer Powers: Serpentesh sorcerers automatically have the Serpentine Bloodline, and may not choose a different one.
  • Automatic Languages: Setesh, Draconic. Bonus Languages: Any non-restricted.

New feat:
Serpentesh Combat Arts:
Requirements: Serpentesh, 6HD/Levels
You are trained in the ancient combat arts of the Serpentesh race. As such you only require two arms to perform most actions, and can therefore perform three standard actions one a single round so long as those bonus actions are ones that would be undertaken using the character’s arms or hands. However due to the complexity of spellcasting you can still only cast a maximum of two spells per round.


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