Mul are the half breed offspring of a human and a dwarf. A more detailed writeup will follow but for now here is their statblock.

  • +2 CON, -2 WIS The mixed heritage of a Mul gives them a greater resilience then humans, but they tend to be slightly slower on the uptake.
  • Tireless: Mul who have a task to accomplish can avoid sleeping for up to 3 days, and do not suffer the effects normally associated with being tired due to lack of sleep. However, for each day they go without sleep, they need to sleep 4 hours more then normal (they must, in other words, make up the difference eventually).
  • Size: Medium. Being the offspring of dwarves (who are squat and broad) and humans (who are taller), Mul tend to have an exaggerated appearance that makes others think of them as fat or oddly shaped. Halflings in particular affectionately refer to Mul as “rollys” for the belief that they can roll down hills easily.
  • Automatic Proficiency: Dwarven weapons

Racial Heritage:

Mul can take one of the following:

  • Clan Raised: Raised underground or otherwise in a dwarf city, you are as familliar with stonework as any true dwarf, and can hold your own in a drinking contest. You have Stonecunning and gain a +1 to fort saves.
  • Human Raised: Growing up among humans has given you a tough skin, metaphorically, and you’re a little more open to new ideas then other dwarf kind. You gain +3 skill points at level 1 and have +1 to will saves.


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