Chapter 1

From the Ashes…

Relevant NPCs: Wryn Aldisbach, Solion

Location: Seren

Details: Wryn Aldisbach, a Magister, has informed the party that he has devised a ritual that can awaken Solion. To do this, he asked the party to acquire some Pheonix ashes for the ritual. In return, he vouched for the party as a Person of Reknown.


  • The party has acquired the phoenix ashes and returned to Home.
  • Magister Aldisbach now requires the party’s direct aid in acquiring a focus with which he can conduct the ritual. He has selected the “Crook of Childureen” and believes that an old friend named Duncan can help him locate it. Duncan lives in the town of Bellis, a half-day’s journey south of Vashan’s Rest.
  • The Party has acquired the Crook and now needs to return to Home with Wryn to conduct the ritual.
  • The Party has successfully assisted Wryn to awaken Solion and now needs to travel to Azurok to locate Solion’s heir.
  • The party successfully located Oranth masquerading as an Elven antiquities collector.
  • The party returned to Home. Shortly thereafter Oranth arrived in his Elven guise of Lew Weregolyn. Solion and Oranth spent several days together, after which Solion emerged from his lair for the first time in over a century. He walked up to a nearby hill and, surrounded by the people of Home, watched the sunset. He sat silent for the night, and as the sun rose in the east he faded away as the sun crested the horizon.
  • Solion bequeathed in his will the city of Skywall and surrounding environs to Fenwick, Saurivorn and Temulin. He also left them 150,000GP with instructions to use it to rebuild the city and a mandate to have at least ten thousand inhabitants within one year of the date of his passing. This action has had the curious side effect of making Temulin a Margravine, and Fenwick and Saurivorn Margraves as they became the direct owners of a substantial plot of land.

Chapter 1

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