“Ridges lined with buildings steep,
cover darker caverns deep,
secrets they hold, and secrets they keep
for in Skywall old, secrets lie asleep.”
The Song of Skyreach, verse 1, Dumont Descart A466

Skywall is the former capital of the Skyreach region of Seren and was previously an important caravan stop for trade routes over the Skyreach Mountains. The city was burned to the ground by Sifnir in A550 and is most famously remembered today as the site where Ognar Jotir’s caravan was slain, leading to the eventual Dwarven assault on Sifnir and the annexation of Seren. Due to the cost involved in reconstruction, and the unnecessary nature of the city thanks to barges on the Azuro River, the town was not rebuilt and was left to the elements.

With Solion’s death, the town and surrounding Skyreach Country were bequeathed to Fenwick Thistlethrush, Temulin Valais, and Saurivon of Kledis. As per Solion’s will, they have begun an effort to rebuild the town using funds provided by Solion.

Skyreach, however, still has many secrets yet to be uncovered.


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