“Pay your taxes on time.”
-Noxian Proverb

Official Name: Nox Perpetua
Government Type: Feudal Oligarchy
Ruling Bodies: The Sanguine Nobles
Population: 800,000-1,000,000 (approx)
Demographics: Human (80%), Vampire (10%), Other (10%)
Major Cities: Ebon (Capital), Bacharei, Dracol, Alucar
De facto Ruler: Lord Caiphas Bellmont
Real World Parallel: Medieval Romania/Bulgaria

Nox Perpetua, commonly known as Nox to the outside world, is a nation situated on the north western coast of Tharanthios bounded by the Transi Mountains to the south and the Bucharei Plains to the east. The country is notable for being the origin of vampirism, in the form of the so-called “Sanguine Nobles”, a ruling caste of extremely old and powerful vampires who live in castles bound by permanent cloud cover and who preside over courts of lesser vampires and many human vassals.

There are three castes of Vampires:

  • Sanguine Noble – Usually at least several centuries old, and possessing enough wealth and political clout to successfully control their own fiefdom. The collect “taxes” from their humans in the form of blood, being careful not to kill (although it has been known to happen on occasion).
  • Turned – Catchall term for others given the “gift” of vampirism by a Sanguine Noble. Individual nobles often call their turned different things (children, court, family, etc…).
  • Nosferatu – Horrifying monsters who have succumbed to their vampirism, usually by drinking the forbidden blood found seeping out of the ground in the Blood Marsh (but not always). Nosferatu are animalistic, driven by a need for blood they cannot control. They are hunted mercilessly by the Nobles due the severe damage that can be done to the human population by errant vampires.

The de facto ruler of Nox is currently Caiphas Bellmont. Though not the oldest Sanguine Noble (that distinction falls to the “Silent Lord” who is so old his name has been forgotten) Bellmont has the largest fiefdom and is by far the wealthiest of the nobility. He personally finances the entire Noxian Navy from his northern ocean Port city of Alucar and also employs a substantial military that contains a large number of trained spell-casters and elite divisions of Dhampir shock troops.


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