“From far and wide the people come
they hear the city’s great call
the din of masses and the notes of the bards strum
the City of Walls they call it, but we know it as Edal”
-Avesor Darspear, The City of Walls, verse 1

Type: Major City, Capital of Seren
Population: 800,000 (Approx)
Governing Body: City Council, Mayor, and Arbiter
Security: Constabulary of Edal
Mayor: The Right Honorable Connoric Ironlar
Arbiter: Chancellor V. Grant Jamson

Edal is the capital of Seren and seat of the Crown Region of the country. It contains both the royal palace where Lady Regent Amala Jotir reigns and the Upper and Lower houses of Representation (The House of Lords and the House of Commoners).

The city is built inside the famed walls for which the city derives it’s nickname “The City of Walls” which existed prior to the founding of the city and are widely believed to be remnants of an earlier Elven city from the Lxian Age. The nature of the confines of the city (barely six miles in diameter) has resulted in an enormously high population density and a sprawling subterranean area called the “under quarter” which houses nearly half the city’s residents. The lower reaches below the city stretch into several sub levels before becoming a gradually monster filled series of caverns. Adventurers and explorers have tried to map the depths but report that eventually the caverns fill with angry earth elementals that bar farther delving. The Constabulary subsequently sealed off most of the paths leading below the city and only allows well equipped groups below with special permits.


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