Signardian Cavalier’s Lance

weapon (melee)

A Signardian Cavalier’s Lance functions as a +1 Flaming Burst Lance. The holder can command the lance to alter its size to become either small or large as a standard action. Additionally the lance can fire a bolt of concentrated flame once per minute that marks a specific target (ranged attack to hit, deals the lance’s normal damage). When used to attack a marked target, the wielder of the lance gains a +1 competence bonus to attack. Finally, when used by a mounted individual who’s mount is equipped with Horseshoes of the Cavalier the rider can make one charge attack per minute against a marked target and deal 5x damage (replacing all other charge based bonuses) and making an automatic knockback attempt against the target..
Market Price: 42,000GP


This medium-sized lance appears to be a finely crafted lance of otherwise normal make save for the small mark upon the tip of the hilt bearing the crest of the Significar and the initials “AR”. The Signardian Cavaliers are the elite bodyguards of the Significar—the high bishop of the Ecclesiarchy of Oa. These lances are crafted by the forgemaster of Beacon specifically for each Cavalier upon their induction to the order. To the Cavaliers these lances are the symbol of their duty. If ever lost, the Cavalier must enter a year-long period or repentance until absolved of his failure by a Bishop of Oa or other senior member of the ecclesiarchy.

Signardian Cavalier’s Lance

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