Gann Karr


Disposition: Gann is FRIENDLY. He can be counted on to lend a hand if the objective roughly aligns with his own or his alignment. Information about Clan Duergar, and specifically it’s plans for Seren and Thun’daal would likely cause him to become loyal (also, beer wouldn’t hurt).


“So yer sayin’ it will be full o’ danger, and we might die? Why in the mountain’s name would any sod go along with such a plan? Oh, Women AND beer ye say? Well when do we get started?"
-Gann “negotiating” a contract for his services.

When he was a young dwarf Gann witnessed an impressive diaplay of magic at a town festival, and ever since has been utterly facinated with magic. At the earliest opportunity Gann enrolled in the local mages college and quickly took a shine to evocation. Unfortunately for Gann he also took a shining to gambling, partying, and womanizing. He was kicked out of the college after only 2 years, and ever since has survived doing odd jobs for the mages guild while he slowly self-teaches based on observation and experimentation. He owes the guild in Caprigan a handsome sum after they bailed him out of jail recently, so he is debetted to take on any job the guild sends his way lest he be thrown back in jail.

Following the adventure in the desert Gann has become obsessed with the legends about clan Duergar, and was last seen trying to find transit to Thun’daal Hold hoping to be able to use the great library in his work to unravel the mystery of the grey dwarves before it’s too late.

Gann Karr

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