Caim Ducroix


Disposition: Caim is FRIENDLY. He can be counted on to offer his services, for a fair price, in almost any fight. He is also likely to offer his services when dealing with any situation involving investigating the abandoned towns, since Turia numbers among them. Helping him locate (if possible) or avenge (if necessary) his friends and family from Turia would likely make him loyal.


“That sounds strange. I was just trained to keep hitting it with my sword until it dies.”
-Caim, explaining his “style” to a fellow sell-sword.

Caim was born in the isolated seaside village of Turia. From a young age he was pressed into service in the town militia. Six months ago he was on patrol in the nearby woods when the population of his town mysteriously vanished. Forced to fend for himself, Caim made his way to Edal and then Caprigan. He joined the warrior’s guild seeking fame and riches, but currently works to increase his skill and training.

Following the adventure in the desert, Caim has redoubled his training regiment, and is quickly developing a reputation in the Caprigan warrior’s guild as a reliable sell-sword who keeps a calm head in a fight.

Caim Ducroix

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