Dire times dawn upon the nation of Seren. Thrown from it’s century of prosperity the nation is wracked by disasters both natural and domestic. A tsunami ravages her shore, wiping out fishing and causing thousands to starve. In the north the light of Beacon dims as a strange brutal army guts the country, turning its eye ever southward. Mt. Firebreather erupts, spewing out piles of magic destroying black metal. The Lady Regent mysteriously marries and begins to neglect the needs of her people for ever more hedonistic endeavors. Groups of strange creatures lurk in the forests dragging away the unwary and unprepared to an unknown fate. Entire towns vanish in the middle of the night, their people utterly gone. The most powerful mages in the land die when a storm upon the astral sea ravages them soul and body. The great dragon dwindles in a slumber from which he does not wake. The light of Seren fades.

Yet in this tide of misfortune and sorrow there is still hope. In the idyllic halfling village of Home far from the centers of Seren’s population, a small group embarks on an “adventure” to help a local village’s harvest festival completely unaware of the role they are to play in history…

Eternal Vigil

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