“Ye invited the blasted beast ta yer lands? That’s… by the stonefather’s beard, that’s just plain madness. Clearly, ye humans aren’t capable of running yer own affairs. My honor compels me ta remove that burden from ye. Lieutenant, round up the heads of all the noble houses and bring me a chopping block. Seren just became a protectorate of Thun’daal.”
-High General Hagbard Jotir, A551

Official Name: Regency of Seren
Government Type: Parliamentary Monarchy
Ruling Bodies: House of Lords, Lady Regent
Population: 2,200,000 (approx)
Demographics: Human (50%), Dwarf (20%), Drow (20%), Gnome (5%), Halfling (3%), Other (2%) (Half-Fay or Half-Outsider such as half-elves are considered Human in the census, Mul are considered Dwarves)
Major Cities: Edal (Capital), Azurok, Caprigan, Etrigal
Sitting Monarch: Lady Regent Amala Jotir
Real World Parallel: Feudal England following the Norman conquests

Initially a collection of feudal fiefdoms, the land was united by King Valen centuries ago. A succession of weak monarchs caused the land to slide into in-fighting and feudalism, leading to a 10 year reign of terror brought about by the green dragon Sifnir. Ended when the Army of Furious Retribution led by Hagbard Jotir slew the creature, Hagbard annexed Seren for Thun’dal and appointed himself as Lord Regent.

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