Redemption of the Fallen Champion

Quest Synopsis: Return the halberd of the fallen champion Lola Anigan to her “family” to cleanse it of the evil taint it has acquired and redeem it.

Quest Progress:

  • Halberd of the Fallen Champion Acquired 1/1
  • Ankomst Located 1/1
  • Redemption 1/1

Quest Initiator:
Lola Anigan, Champion of Ankomst in the Fellnight Realm shortly before the demiplane was again sealed by the Faengard.

Quest Timeline:
none (presumably)

Quest Lore:
During the events of the Fellnight Invasion the party encountered Lola Anigan. She turned out to be the Champion of the Fellnight Realm and the military leader of its armies. During the course of sealing the Fellnight Realm, the party discovered that previously Lola had been part of a group of Champions sent in ancient times to seal the Fellnight Realm from the inside to forever trap Queen Rhoswen in her demiplane. After sealing the realm all the champions were captured, and over time tortured, most to their death—all save Lola Anigan. She alone endured, though the dark magic employed by Rhoswen eventually broke her mind and spirit, turning her to the service of the Queen she had once been sent to stop. Her ancestral weapon, Anigan’s Burden, a powerful halberd became corrupted when Lola used it to slay one of her former companions, and henseforth became a weapon of potent evil might. When the party defeated Lola and broke Rhoswen’s enchantments Lola once again remembered her purpose. Upon Rhoswen’s defeat, she remained within the Fellnight Realm to ensure it remained sealed away for all time, but asked Fenwick to take her family’s ancestral weapon back to where it originated in hopes that by cleansing the weapon she might find some measure of redemption for the evil acts she committed. To that end, she gave Fenwick her old journal in hopes it might lead him to her ancestral home: Ankomst.

Fenwick and the party successfully discovered the hidden entrance to the demiplane of Ankomst and the halberd was cleansed. The spirits of the Anigan family, grateful to learn the fate of their last scion, revealed to Fenwick the resting place of an antique magical sword which he now wields.

Redemption of the Fallen Champion

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