Ogrym are half-orc, half-giant. They’re bred and used specifically as siege infantry by the Orc legion. More detailed info will be forthcoming, but here’s their statblock.

  • +6 STR, +3 CON, -4 CHA, -2 WIS, -4 INT (in addition to size based bonuses)
  • Size Large (tall)
  • Pay +15% for weapons and armor
  • Starting Languages: Orc & Harantish
  • Bonus Languages: Any
  • +4 Intimidate

Bloodlines: As a half-giant, Ogrym have one of the following bloodline traits (chosen at level 1)

Fire Heritage: Fire resistance 5
Ice Heritage: Cold resistance 5
Storm Heritage: Shock resistance 5
Stone Heritage: +1 Natural Armor
Jungle Heritage: +2 Fort Saves vs. Poison & Disease
Psionic Heritage: +2 Will saves vs. Charm & Charm-like effects


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