Historical Timeline - Seren

Seren – Timeline

A408 – A young orphaned stable boy named Valen Caan’wyn is accidentally thrown from a carriage traveling though the Onrok hills on its way to the town of Azurok. He is found unconscious and wounded by the halfling outriders, who take the boy back to Solion’s lair. The ancient golden wyrm heals the boy and prophesies that the youth will one day be the greatest king the lands have ever seen. Solion gifts Valen an amulet containing one of his golden scales as a sign of the boy’s eventual destiny. Valen is carried to a nearby human village confused, bewildered, and slightly frightened by the meeting with the legendary “Golden Guardian”, but takes the dragon’s words to heart.

A420 – Valen, now a scrappy thief living in the city of Vashan’s Rest, inadvertently saves the life of the local baron’s youngest daughter Alessa Ducosal. During what was initially a robbery attempt Velen wound up exposing and defeating an assassin sent to kill the girl and her sister. In gratitude, the young woman claims that Valen is in fact “Ignacian Cursoux”, the youngest son of a noble from the very distant town of Trais. This dangerous lie pays off, as the duke accepts his daughter’s story and assumes that the man was attempting to woo his daughter. Over several months Valen deftly assumes the role of Ignacian, and successfully convinces the entirety of the local nobility of his status. Unfortunately, he also falls madly in love with Alessa, and vows to her that he will do whatever he must to become actual nobility and win her hand.

A422 – Valen, having enlisted as a mercenary soldier under his real name takes up arms for house Monai, a small noble house on the verge of losing its land in a political war. When his commander and officers desert after being bribed by the enemy, Valen sees his moment and takes command of the tiny force of men. Over several days he repeatedly rallies his men and winds up defeating the forces of the opposing lord. When Duke Monai hears of this, he meets with Velen and asks why he would do such a thing when all the experienced officers deserted. Velen relays the story of his love for Alessa, his deception at playing noble, and his vow to be worthy of her. Impressed, Duke Monai offeres Valen a bargain: If he can lead the forces at his disposal plus whatever else he can recruit into a total victory over the duke’s primary rival, then Monai will appoint him regent of the captured lands. Effectively making him the lowest rank of nobility and eligible to marry Alessa Ducosal.

A426 – Valen succeeds in defeating the forces of Duke Renoit under the banner of Duke Monai. He asks the duke to honour his word, but the duke refuses and insists one not born of nobility cannot be made into it. He further states that while the war was on, Alessa Ducosal was married off to a Duke’s son in the Cemma region to the north. Thus, Duke Monai argues, Valen should abandon his love for Alessa and instead serve as house Monai’s war-master, a very honourable, if not noble, position. Furious at this double betrayal Valen refuses. When Duke Monai subsequently orders Valen imprisoned for being disobedient, Valen escapes the Duke’s castle. Regrouping with his men, Valen relates at how they were betrayed by the nobility and immediately launches an attack on Duke Monai’s castle that results in the death of the duke and his family. Valen claims the duke’s land for his own, declaring himself “Free Knight Caan’wyn”. Within months he marshals the largest peasant army the regions have ever seen and systematically begins to attack the weaker nobles, freeing their serfs as he goes, recruiting those he can into his army.

A430 – Valen succeeds in defeating the combined mercenary armies of the regional lords at the battle of Nmemton Monastery, ending eight years of bloody civil war amongst the nobility and his own “Freeman’s Army”. Valen declares himself “King Valen I”, setting the city of Edal as the capitol, and organizing the defeated nobility into a representative body. In successive months Valen frees most serfs and indentured servants, and introduces laws that transform the feudal countryside into a true monarchy. Around this time, Valen learns that Alessa refused to consummate her marriage to Duke Keitasal and was consequently thrown into the dungeon by the humiliated and dejected Duke. Valen has her freed and learns that she risked everything because she was true to the love they had. He marries her the following day, crowning her Queen.

A431 – A470 – Valen reigns for forty years. He brings peace to the land, establishes trade with neighboring regions, dwarves, and elves. Valen also codifies and standardizes all laws, languages, systems of writing and education throughout the land. Even going so far as to establish a university in Edal named after his beloved wife. Valen and Alessa have six children together, five girls and a single boy who unfortunately for the royal family is very sickly and feeble.

A471 – Valen I, King of Seren dies at the age of 71. His son, Prince Raan takes the throne. Raan proves a capable administrator, able to oversee the programs his father initiated and ran, but is unable to get any of his own begun due to resistance from the increasingly powerful and bold House of Lords. Raan marries young and fathers two sons before dying of fever in his early thirties.

A480 – A520 – A succession of weaker and weaker kings sits on the throne of Seren until at last the monarchy is all but rendered impotent as the House of Lords “retires” and most of the nobility begins a gradual slide back to feudalism.

A533 – Small scale battles begin to break out as the nobility begins to once again fight amongst itself for land, prestige, and wealth.

A540 – Baron Aizer, a practitioner of magic and small scale lord in the south, decides to expand his territory in a unique way: He travels far beyond the Mistpeak mountains and visits the dragon Sifnir in distant Ommshan. He promises the dragon a great swath of land and wealth if it will move to Seren and destroy his rivals. The dragon agrees to the bargain, and arrives in Seren the following year.

A541 – Sifnir attacks and kills the Dramaux, Beleghest, and Traub lands, causing widespread chaos and destruction. Eventually, after these nobles are dead the dragon reneges on it’s agreement and also kills Baron Aizer.

A541 – A551 – Sifnir attacks at will, causing ten years of anarchy and terror as it wreaks havoc on the fragmented disintegrating nation of Seren. Late in the year 551, Sifnir attacks and kills a dwarven trade caravan bound for Edal. Unfortunately for Sifnir, this caravan was being led by Ognar Jotir, the son of Hagbard Jotir, supreme commander of the Dwarven armies the surrounding regions. Hagbard, mad with rage at the dragon and humans for being so utterly ineffective at controlling their own country, decides to ignore ancient treaties signed with King Valen prohibiting Dwarven armies to enter Seren. He marshals an army of ten thousand dwarven soldiers with the intention of avenging his son and all the dwarves killed in the last ten years by the rampaging dragon. They spend the better part of the year cutting their way through a kobold army loyal to Sifnir before tracking the dragon to its forest lair. Once they locate the lair, they attack Sifnir with all the might they can muster losing over half their number but eventually felling the beast. Hagbard himself claims the killing blow when he slices the dragon’s head off with the legendary axe Mountain Breaker. The dwarves discover several hundred dragon eggs, and evidence that many dozens have already hatched, but they find no signs of the young wyrms. Although unsettling, Hagbard decides his soldiers need a respite and turns his army to Edal for some rest before returning to dwarven lands. During the course of their stay in Edal, Hagbard learns that it was a human who asked the dragon to come, and overcome with anger and disgust, ordered his soldiers to occupy the city. Hagbard issues a proclamation that since humans clearly weren’t able to tend to their own affairs or run their own country, he would remove that responsibility from them. Hagbard orders the sitting King, Dumont II, executed for incompetence and failure to rule. Hagbard then declares himself “Lord Regent” of Seren and leads his army in rounding up and defeating the remaining nobility. Accusing them of putting their own petty interests before their people, Hagbard sentences every human noble he can find to death by beheading, and has the deed done in the city center of Edal in front of crowds.

A552 – A halfling named Muby enters Edal and seeks out Lord Regent Jotir. Muby relays a prophecy spoken by Solion: “The unaccounted for shall one day return.” Hagbard takes this to mean the young dragons that were unaccounted for when Sifnir was slain, and summons to Edal anyone and everyone within the borders of Seren who knows anything about the behaviors and habits of dragons. After several weeks of deliberation, the Veridian Council is formed with the express purpose of researching dragons and preparing the the eventual return of Sifnir’s children. Hagbard has the greatest Dwarven smiths on the world brought to Edal and they craft weapons and armor from Sifnir’s corpse which are handed to the Veridian council to use when the errant progeny returns.

A553 – A745 – Under the rule of the dwarves, peace returns to Seren as the country enters a second golden age. Hagbard Jotir dies early in the year A745, his eldest daughter Amala takes over as Lady Regent.

A707 – In the town of Rhoen in the country of Nox, west of the Skyreach Mountains, Roland Childe is born.

A780 – Solion slips into a deep slumber and does not wake. The halflings tending to him realize there are problems with his magical wardings that are far beyond their ability to repair.

A781 – An enormous wave of unprecedented size washes ashore destroying several coastal villages and all but destroying the city of Surfholm. Fishing is utterly devastated and as the year drags on thousands die of starvation near the coast. The vault that contained the armor and weapons forged from Sifnir’s corpse is found to have been at some point opened and robbed in the last hundred years. Only a single broken sword remains in the room that once housed enough equipment for half a dozen men.

A782 – Amala suddenly and inexplicably marries a strange dwarf with grey skin and fiery red hair. Named “Vex Harrowsal”, it is widely rumored that this dwarf is a wizard who has put the Lady Regent under a spell. Court wizards prove unable to detect any enchantment. Nonetheless the unorthodox and sudden nature of the marriage, and Lady Amala’s increasingly bizarre behavior, lead many to suspect foul play at work.

A783 – Armies of strange green skinned brutes appear along the northern shore of the Azuro River. Sailors claim the violent raiders come from a land on the other side of the world, and are a part of the “Great Horde”. Deep in the Barrier Forest , strange lizardmen are rumored to be lurking around what was once Sifnir’s lair. The Veridian Council sends agents to investigate, but none return.

A784 – The towns of Madrigal, Turia, and Fenel are each abandoned seemingly overnight. The buildings stand and the entire populations have vanished. Wizards hired to investigate by the veridian council detect unfamiliar magic when examining the towns, but cannot identify its source. In private many members of the veridian council begin to believe that there is a unifying hand at work behind the last several years worth of unusual events, and suspect that hand may be a scaled one.

Historical Timeline - Seren

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