Halfling Outriders

Nickname: Riders

Philosophy: Someone has to look out for the little guy. Might as well be the other little guys.

Goal(s): Defend Home and the Skyreach region from any obvious threats. Have fun!

Alignment: Any non-evil.

Leader: “Emperor” Ossen Tatiens IV

Headquarters: Riders Hall, Home.

Main Region(s) of Influence: Skyreach, Azurok

Major Members: “Colonel” Bigsby Riordean, Captain Boroden Chents, Captain Bork Bramblefoot, Captain Kiva Firehair

Attitude Towards Party: Friendly

The Outriders are the militia force of the Halfling “village” of Home. Due to the nature of the village (being spread out over roughly 20 square kilometers) a highly mobile force was necessary. The riders move about on specially trained riding dogs of various breeds covering most of the Skyreach lowlands, serpent hills, and serpent plains (as well as parts of the southern Azurok region). While not technically a recognized policing force, most of the smaller towns and villages in the area have come to rely on the outriders for basic patrols of the road and hills. The outriders rarely encounter anything more harmful then a sick animal, but they are all trained and equipped for fighting real foes and have more then once taken down a well armed bandit group with nothing more then a few new scars earned.

The Outriders as an organization are led by an elderly halfling named Ossen Tatiens, who styles himself “Emperor Ossen Tatiens IV”. For the most part, the rest of home humors him and goes out of their way to be kind. He might be a little old, but none would doubt the Emperor’s impeccable leadership and inspiring confidence. The actual organization is split into four “packs” with two responsible for paroling the roads, and two responsible for protecting Home. Every 6 weeks the packs shift duties. The active roster of the Outriders typically numbers in the mid 200s although there are also about double that number of “retired” members who could be called up to aid in an emergency. The four packs and their current leaders are:

  • Bigsby’s Brigade, led by Bigsby Riordean
  • Chent’s Gents, led by Boroden Chents
  • Bork’s Backup, led by Bork Bramblefoot
  • Kiva’s Chargers, led by Kiva Firehair

Halfling Outriders

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