Clan Duergar

Clan Duergar

Nickname: N/A

Philosophy: Unknown.

Goal(s): Unknown.

Alignment: Any.

Leader: Unknown.

Headquarters: Unknown.

Main Region(s) of Influence: Unknown

Major Members: Prelate Akopos (deceased), Minister Korugar, Duke Vex Harrowsal (presumed)

Attitude Towards Party: Hostile

Clan Duergar is one of the original six Dwarven clans. Information about them is limited, as they were apparently exiled over two thousand years previous prior to the founding of Thun’daar. According to what historical records remain, they were exiled for heresy. Their clan gift was a tolerance for extreme heat and their clan artifact was known as the “Forgemaster’s Shaper” though exactly what the item is or what it does is not known.

Recently small numbers of grey skinned dwarves have been turning up in Seren and Abrajam. Lady Amala Jotil, the sitting regent of Seren, has also recently married a dwarf with pale skin named Vex Harrowsal.

The party discovered the following letter after defeating a group of grey skinned dwarves in the desert:

This letter, written in a strange dialect of Dwarven, was in a wax sealed envelope addressed to a “Minister Korugar:” The sender is apparently one “Prelate Arkops”. There is a separate set of instructions found with to the envelope that reads: “Take this letter out beyond the desert before using the transfer box. The coruscite the volcano spits out interferes with magic and the last thing we need is this letter accidentally materializing in the wrong place.”

Minister Korugar,

As requested, here is a report on the status of our efforts underway in the territory of Seren:

• We have recaptured Fortress Firegate in the desert regions south of Seren and have begun to reactivate the gateway here. We encountered no resistance aside from a phoenix that was squatting in the fire caves. I have moved my base of operations here temporarily while we search for the exact location of Entelexia’s anchors. We have also uncovered some of the old golems left behind when our ancestors abandoned the region, in addition to a golem general named Mordekaiser. We are attempting to rouse the creature now, but millennia of slumber hampers our efforts. We have not yet confirmed the presence of the fire anchor in the volcano, but given the geography of the region, there is nowhere else it could be. We continue our search.

• Duke Harrowsal is wedded to Lady Regent Amala Jotir. The court mages suspect foul play, and have attempted to find out what magic the Duke is using to control her. Obviously, they have found none since we aren’t compelling the Lady Regent magically. Currently, Duke Harrowsal remains the Lady Regent’s official husband, though the House of Lords is seeking a way to annul or terminate the marriage. We continue to monitor the situation, but expect no difficulty in maintaining our currently level of influence over Seren.

• We have stirred up dissension amongst the humans, especially a subversive group called the “Order of the Golden Scale”. We have virtually no direct contact with this group and their ultimate goals are unknown, but they are widespread as a cancer and with the funds we’ve funneled them they will be positioned to become a very large headache for the constabulary of Seren. I expect that it won’t be long before social unrest begins to boil over.

• With regards to the rumored draconic incursion: We have been unable to infiltrate the ranks of the so-called “Viridian Council” though we have identified several low-ranking associates and members. This group is extremely well versed in cloaking their activities and identities and will prove a challenge to undermine in the short-term, especially considering their autonomous nature. We have verified reports of kobold forces in the more rural areas, but we aren’t certain if they’re from Draconia or merely resurgent remnants of the forces scattered by General Jotir’s army.

• Our efforts to acquire the tax money from the regional seats has been mostly successful. The tax revenue from Azurok remains the only missing allotment, as our operations in the city were partially uncovered and Commander Oryn’s son was killed in some sort of confrontation. We are seeking additional info, but the seeing stone the Azurok forces had was seized, damaged, or otherwise remains unused. Coupled with the magic-interfering nature of this desert on our magical communication and obviously our information on the situation thus remains limited.

• We have checked into the situation of the gold dragon known as Solion and do not believe it will pose a threat. According to our spy’s analysis, the creature has used highly unstable magic to prolong its life, and this magic is rapidly failing. We expect it will die within 3-4 months, and as it has no direct successor and is currently comatose it is incapable of interfering with our plans.

• We are also tracking rumors of the fall, or imminent fall, of the northern country of Harantium. We have little information to go on, but it seems that some unknown army is in the process of gutting the country. We’ve found several reports from Seren’s merchant fleets describing the systematic abandonment and burning of Harantium’s port cities and villages. Thus far we have little information to go on. I would recommend we dispatch a reconnaissance team to ascertain the situation. If a hostile force intends to attack Seren, it can only aid our plans so long as we account for it properly.

• We are also investigating several other strange reports from around Seren, including the apparent disappearance of several disparate villages worth of people (humans and dwarves, and occasionally others), reports of planar instability in the forests of the azurok region (potentially related to the Entelexia event?), and rumors that Mountain Breaker is still in Seren after all. I will advise on these matters when we know more.

Your servant,
Prelate Arkops, Order of the Firehands

Clan Duergar

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