Valen's Amulet


Replica Valen’s Amulet
This item is a replica of the famous amulet given to Valen Caan’wyn centuries ago by the ancient gold dragon named Solion. While nowhere as near powerful as the original, this replica still contains useful magics.
1/day: Protection from Evil as cast by a level 3 cleric. (DC14 Will save for evil creatures to touch the target.)
2/day: Light, as cast by a 3rd level cleric.
2/day: Bless Weapon as cast by a 3rd level Paladin.
Additionally, due to the fact that these replicas were made well after the original was lost, many have other unusual enchantments. Roll a D10 to determine the fourth property of the amulet when it is found:
1: +2 STR
2: +2 DEX
3: +2 CON
4: +1 Will Saves
5: +1 Fortitude Saves
6: +1 Reflex Saves
7: +2 INT
8: +2 WIS
9: +2 CHA
10: Choose which bonus you want. Note that this choice is permanent.

Market Price: 13,500GP
Create Price: 6,750GP (choose the desired bonus)
Spells Necessary: Protection, Light, Bless Weapon, Bull’s Strength*, Cat’s Grace*, Bear’s Endurance*, Fox’s Cunning*, Owl’s Wisdom*, Eagle’s Splendor*

  • Denotes that this spell is only required in the crafting if adding that particular bonus.

Valen’s Amulet: A mithral chain connected to a simple looking golden locket this item was gifted to Valen by Solion centuries previous. Solion placed one of his golden scales within the locket and enchanted it so that as a wearer did good and righteous deeds, the magic of the locket would increase. By wearing it over his lifetime the locket changed and adjusted its magic to suit Valen’s unique style of “good”. The amulet ceased to gain power after Valen’s passing, and was handed down amongst his descendants as an heirloom until the house of Caan’wyn was executed by the dwarves in A551. Many replicas of the amulet exist, crafted over the centuries as trinkets or to fool unsavvy buyers. Legend holds, however, that a single descendant of Valen yet lives and holds the true locket waiting the day when house Caan’wyn will rise again and remove the dwarves from power.

Valen’s Amulet comes in two forms. A “replica” form is exactly what it sounds like: a replica of the original crafted after A551. Usually, these are worn as a covert symbol of “human authority”, the belief many humans hold that they should be in charge of Seren, and not the dwarves. The second form is the actual amulet of legend which is obviously not available in stores.

Valen's Amulet

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