Mountain Breaker

weapon (melee)

In the hands of any non-dwarf Mountain Breaker appears by any and all means of inspection to be a non-magical masterwork adamantite great-axe of unparalleled craftsmanship (obviously dwarven). If used to slay a dwarf in combat by a non-dwarf, mountain breaker inflicts a permanent negative level on the wielder that cannot be removed short of Wish or Miracle. In the hands of any dwarf, mountain breaker functions as a +6 Keen Thundering Adamantite Greataxe of Speed. Additionally, Mountain breaker ignores all DR of 25 or less, and hardness of 5 or less, or subtracts 5 from such qualities when they exist in numbers greater then those presented here. All dwarves instinctively recognize that a fellow dwarf holding mountain breaker is somehow greater for it, and consequently all dwarves treat the wielder of mountain breaker as one step greater on the diplomacy scale then they normally would. Mountain breaker is considered a minor artifact for game purposes.


Mountain Breaker: According to dwarvish lore when the world was new and the dwarves were first created there were ten clans. Each clan was given an object by the Stone Father, their creator deity. The dwarf greataxe known as Mountain Breaker was given to the dwarves of clan Tir. After a great deal of time, the clans of Jo and Tir merged to form the strongest clan: Clan Jotir. The Jo artifact, a magic shield called “Stone Bastion”, was from that day forward carried by the Jotir monarch, and the great axe Mountain Breaker was carried by the clan’s war leader. In A552 when Hagbard Jotir, warleader and high general of the Dwarven armies of the regions surrounding Seren, led the attack on Sifnir he carried Mountain Breaker with him. Using the axe, he beheaded Sifnir and thus struck the blow that ended the war. When he appointed himself Lord Regent of Seren later that year, he had the axe taken back to the dwarven holds to the east, to be given to the next warleader as was tradition. Somewhere along the route however the axe’s escorts were killed and the axe disappeared, vanishing from history ever since.

Mountain Breaker

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