Magister's Armlet

weapon (ranged)

A Magister’s Armlet allows the wearer to fire blasts of energy, corresponding to the gem socketed into the socket above the hand. In order to use, the wearer makes a ranged touch attack against his target, adding his charisma, intelligence, or wisdom modifier (if positive) as a bonus to hit. If the target is hit, they take damage as listed below. Using the armlet’s power counts as an attack action and has a critical threshold of 20.

Gem, Damage Type, Damage Critical Effect:

Bright Blue, Electricity, 3d4, Paralysis for 1 round (DC 15 to negate)

Bright Red, Fire, 1d10, Reflex save (DC 15) or catch fire

White, Cold, 2d6, Fort save (DC 15) or slow (as the spell) for 1d3 rounds

Clear, Sonic, 1d8+charisma mod, Will save (DC 15) or dazed for 2 rounds

Dark Green, Acid, 2d4+2, Double Damage (multiply damage by 2)

The methods of crafting Magister’s Armlets was lost long ago. The armlets are so rare that no owners in recent memory have dared deconstruct them to uncover their secrets.
Aura: moderate evocation; CL: 6th; Slot: hand/wrist; Price 7,000 gp (based on appearance, may be worth significantly more based on rarity and market conditions)


This armlet appears to be made of gold, and has an intricate inlay of a bright blue crystal forming a pattern leading to a large socket on the top of the hand. In the socket rests a large blue gem. The gem crackles quietly as if a small thunderstorm were contained within. A complex mechanism appears to keep the gem locked in place, and it appears that with some effort the gem could be removed.

The ancient Hasmadi Empire existed centuries ago in what is now the western regions of the Abrajam Confederacy. Renowned for it’s colleges of arcane study, it serves as the origin of the modern word “Magister” denoting one of exceptional skill and wisdom commonly in use today. Amongst the ranks of the Magisters was one who stood above her peers, known as “Sheeva”, she was widely hailed as the greatest weaver of the arcane arts Hasmadi had ever seen. When the Hasmadi Empire was drawn into a war with the Assuryidians, Sheeva created a specialist unit of warrior mages, personally selecting each member and gifting them with magical armlets meant to allow them to focus their magical preparations on more support oriented efforts. Due in no small part to the efforts of these Magisters, the war was won, albeit at a terrible price. The Hasmadi Empire suffered such monstrous losses that they couldn’t sustain their empire after the war, and it quickly collapsed. Sheeva’s unit of Warcasters was disbanded and the armlets they wore into battle faded into legend, eventually becoming myths themselves.

Magister's Armlet

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