Immovable Bulwark


EFFECT (Appraise DC 18 or Spellcraft 13)
An Immovable Bulwark is a +2 Large Steel Shield that has two unique properties:
1) The shield can temporarily transmute itself into any material it comes into contact with, including exotic materials like Adamantite, Ironwood, or Crystal. To transmute the shield, touch the desired material to the back of the shield and speak a command word. At least one pound of the desired material must be used, and it is absorbed into the shield for the duration of the effect, which is one minute (10 rounds). The effect is continuous, and can be used once per 8 hours.
2) The shield can be commanded to alter it’s shape and size to occupy up to 10 feet as if it were a wall. It can be made to cover an area up to 10ft long and 8ft high, but does not occupy squares. Treat as a wall made out of the appropriate material (steel, unless modified by the other power listed above) with a thickness of 2 inches. When changed in this manner, the shield remains in place and becomes utterly unmovable by any means short of a DC35 strength check. This effect persists for up to one minute, but may be halted at any time by the initiator of the transformation. This ability may be used once per hour. A dispel magic spell or other similar effect immediately returns the shield to its original form.

CONSTRUCTION (Spellcraft DC 18 or Knowledge Arcana DC 18)
CL6. Crafting an Immovable Bulwark requires a target shield (typically a masterwork large shield), 1 pound of at least 12 different types of material, and the spells Levitate, Wall of Iron, and Enlarge Person. Additionally the Craft magic Arms and Armor feat is required.


This heavy shield appears to be made from steel and has an image of an enormous wall carefully etched into it’s surface.

LORE (History DC 16)
Among the ancient peoples of the southern plains was a nomadic tribe of fierce warriors known as the Assuryidians. Renowned for their tactics and use of small elite units over larger less trained forces, the Assuryidians were feared far and wide. One of the principal reasons for their success lay in the special shields their unit commanders were given. Created by the high priests of the Assuryidian’s god Assur, the so called “Immovable Bulwarks” were used strategically to shape the battlefields into ordered kill zones. Even more deadly was the use of these shields in fortress assaults, where entire hallways and corridors could be temporarily blocked off from approach. The Assuryidians were eventually defeated and scattered in a costly war with the Hasmadi Empire over a dozen centuries ago, but the magical shields their elite soldiers used have since become legendary and highly sought after by adventurer and soldier alike.

Immovable Bulwark

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