Wryn Aldisbach


Wryn Aldisbach is a human Magister (a title referring to one who is exceptionally gifted in the magical arts, but is not a sorcerer) residing in the town of Azurok. Little is known about him, but he seems to be on casual terms with Elizabeth Valais, and is one of only two non-halflings to be allowed to speak with Solion in the last century. He is a person of renown, though it is unclear if he is nobility (there is no known noble house with the name Aldisbach). In exchange for speaking on Fenwick’s behalf, Wryn asked the party to journey to the southern desert and acquire some phoenix ashes as a reagent for a ritual he hopes will rouse Solion from his slumber.

When the party returned with the ashes, Wryn indicated to them that he needed a focus of immense power to conduct such a ritual, and asked the party (via Fenwick) to accompany him to a wedding in the town of Bellis, where his friend Duncan resides. Wryn believes Duncan might have information that can help him locate an artifact called the “Crook of Childureen”, which he might be able to use as a focus for his ritual.

When the party returned from the so-called “Fellnight Realm” with the Crook in tow, Wryn was astounded and decided to immediately return to Home to begin the ritual (with a quick stop over in Vashan’s Rest to cure Temulin and Ambrosius of their conditions),

Wryn Aldisbach

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