Temulin Valais

Llyag the Outcast Noble; The Last Hope of the Dying Light


Gear on Person: (^upgraded with the 20k credit)

Ring of Protection 1 – 1k
Ring of Sustenance – 1.25k
Cloak of Resistance +4 – 8k^
Headband of Alluring Charisma +4 – 16k
Belt of Mighty Constitution +4 – 16k^
Amulet Ankh – ?$
Magisters Armlet – ?$
collectors value of 20-30k upwards of 80k if warn by Sahara herself*
Darkwood Club 1 – 2k?
Quarterstaff of Spellstoring +1 – 8k
Dagger of Spellstoring +1 – 8k (lent to the rogue)
Mighty Cleaving Greataxe +1 – 8k (lent to the barb)


Temulin Valois is a young half-orc who was raised in a halfling village to hide her from the shame she might bring to her noble house. Her mother Antoinette is a very beautiful and strong willed woman who has been very influential in establishing trade agreements that benefit house Valois greatly. Antoinette’s father Nicolas Valois is the head of the family. He has skillfully maintained a strong relationship with the other Houses and the occupying dwarfs but mostly has been capitalize on an empathy with the commoner. Among the higher politics of the region house Valois is known for understanding the common mans hardships and for keeping the people from uprising, depending on who you talk to, both are true.

Temulin was born 14 years ago to after her mother returned from an expedition to try to establish relations with a new race that had recently made contact on the edge of the empire. Antoinette was the only one to return from that expedition. She would have died if she was not an accomplished sorcerer. These new visitors, called orcs, were very crude at conversation and understanding trade. If Antoinette was not an accomplished sorcerer she would not have returned herself, and that is all she speaks of that journey. When it was known that Antoinette was pregnant she demanded to keep the child. Nicolas is if anything a smart and manipulating man, he see’s Temulin as someone who may be useful to the house but is not worth the trouble right now. Therefor Tamulin could not be raised in the house and courts, and Nicolas chose to make this clear by tolerating her survival as that seamed to put him in the most advantageous position for the house at this time.

Antoinette then left for a halfling village she knew. She had studied there when honing her arcane tallents before joining in full time house politics. This particular village was well know for being close to Solion and therefor got many visitors that were not halfling. Antoinette spent the year there, establishing a home for Temulin. Antoinette even found an elderly halfling couple to move into the newly built home and raise Tamulin, they were of course well compensated. Antoinette then returned to house Valois to continue her duties and make sure her father would not do anything rash. She visited Tamulin as often as she could and that was almost daily unless a more stressful long term contract came up. It is known in house Velois that Antoinette had a daughter to an orc and she is Temulin, but most regard it as something shameful. Outside of house Valois this is not well known, but no house would speak of it in the political circles as it might force their secrets to come out.

Being a half-orc raised among halfings has had its advantages and disadvantages. Sometimes Temulin is treated like intelligent livestock, the big strong girl who can do things the munchkins can’t. Then at times they are just a hoard of munchkins to play with and chase around. Halflings by nature are a very fun loving people and Tamulin has very much adopted their carefree attitude toward life. Things get done when they need to, strict schedules just make the tasks boring, and outright anger is mostly a target of ridicule. Temulin had to learn quick how to tone her volatile temper.

Temuling practiced daily with the magics the halflings could teach her the secrets of, this involved her quickly learning dragonic and she took a love to the language as it seamed a secret code yet so eloquent and perfect that no one might ever misinterpret her words. Her mother was astounded with her progress in the arcane talents. Temulin loved to surprise her mother with new tricks ever time Antoinette teleported into the village, and the halflings dealing with Solion and the dragonic talents he taught them quickly became the focus of Temulin’s training.

Things went on like this for the last 14 years. Temulin never having the time or permission to leave the village. Eventually she started to hoard what she could for a run away, some weapons and supplies and everything she could manage. That day came when Antoinette came looking and Temulin was wandering on her own trying to make a break and run away. It was so foolish, Antoinette found her cautiously exploring eyes wide through the woods near the village. With a warm smile Antoinette told her daughter to return to the village, but that she need not stay there. Antoinette took her daughters hand and in a flash she had never expected both of them appeared somewhere else. Temulin screamed in the excitement of falling to her house below. It was a scream of excitement and exhilarationand she showed no fear from this new experience of falling without control. Antoinette muttered another spell softly and they appeared inside the living room of Temulin’s house. Antoinette spoke softly “Go my daughter, explore.” her eyes alight with pride “I pray you come back to me but i can never hold you here.” she pauses and Temulin feels small bracelet clasp on her wrist… then suddenly falls asleep.

Temulin Valais

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