Veaigrub The Ancient; The One Who Was Born Old


Solion is an Epic HD Gold Dragon. He might be old but he will kick your ass 10 ways from Sunday. So don’t try anything, and get off his lawn you kids!


“Go away, I’m too old for this.”
-Reportedly what Solion told the emissary of Hagbard Jotir when the dwarves attempted to solidify their annexation of Seren by gaining Solion’s blessing.

Solion is an ancient Gold Dragon of indeterminate age who lives in a network of caves located beneath the halfling village of Home. So far as anyone knows, he has always been there. It is certain that Solion was there before Seren existed as an independent nation, for the story of his blessing a young Valen Caan’wyn is very famous. Likewise, nobody is sure if he brought the halflings with him, of it they merely decided to setup a village atop his lair. What is known is that Solion is powerful and old and cranky. In the last two centuries he’s consented to see only three non-halflings, two of them in the last 17 years (Elizabeth Valais and Wryn Aldisbach, respectively). Little is know about Solion’s connection with Draconia, except that he has mentioned a few times that he “can’t go back, not that I’d want to” and he is a rare chaotic-good gold dragon (the majority of his kind being inclined to be lawful-good). In recent years Solion has become obsessed with something he refers to as his “search” and rarely acknowledged anyone visiting him (save the occasional halfling child who took a prank too far). As of three years ago Solion slipped into a slumber and has not since awakened. The magical wards in his primary lair are reportedly beginning to fail. What that means, if anything, is far beyond the ability of the halfling mages to determine, as the wards are far beyond their ability to repair in any event.


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