Antoinette Valais


“Dire circumstances require dire actions.”
-Antoinette Valais, shortly before embarking on an expedition to the north in A768

Antoinette is the Matron of house Valais, one of the two most politically powerful houses in the city of Azurok. She is the mother of Temulin Valais, the only known half-orc in Seren, and by all accounts is an extremely powerful sorceress. Her exact age is unknown, but she is believed to be in her mid 30s to early 40s, though she appears physically to be roughly 25 (as is common with the wealthy, who can afford ‘appearance correcting’ magic). Little is known about her on a personal level, as her father Dumot Valais is the house’s appointee to the House of Lords. Antoinette has sunk a small chunk of the family fortune into divination regarding the northern region of Harantium, though if she has been successful as penetrating it’s famous anti-scrying barrier remain a mystery.

She has recently been outed by a political rival as a high ranking member of the Tenders. What this means for her future is as yet uncertain.

Antoinette Valais

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